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 hardwood floors, wood paneling, sawdust, timber, boards, late, battens, roofs, fences, OSB, QSB, KVH lumber, scantlings, boards, oak, beech, purchase wood, logs, trees.
                                                                                                                                                                      DP work Ltd. - Košice part Šebastovce,Slovakia- Phone Number: 00421905 497 378, 0905934 570, 0907 951 100

Wood paneling: 11 mm - 4.80 EUR / 1m2

                              15 mm - 6.30 to 6.50 EUR/m2

                               19 mm - 7.30 to 7.50 EUR/m2


Floor:              25 to 27 mm - 8.90 EUR/m2

                 32 mm - width 12,15,18 cm - 9.20 EUR/m2




Cladding: 11 mm - € 4.80 / 1 m2

                 15 mm - 6.00 to 6.50 EUR / m2

                 16 mm - 6.90 EUR / m2

                 19 mm - 7.50 to 7.90 EUR / m2



Rustic facing 22 mm-8.50 EUR / m2

Bars: € 0.70 / meter

Floor: 25 to 27 mm - 8.90 EUR / m2

                 28 to 9.20

                 30 mm - width up to 15 cm - 9.70 EUR / m2


Pine 25 mm - 9.30 EUR / m2, 27 mm - 9.60 EUR / m2, 30 mm-9.90 EUR / m2.

Dried timber to 6 m (KVH dried wood) - 280 EUR / m3.
Jednoporez plate powder - 280 EUR / m3
                          -dried - 173 EUR / m3
Construction timber 199 EUR / m3 for the collection of 1 m3 - 189 EUR / m3.
Timber dried - 280 EUR / m3 over 5 m3 Price 260 EUR / m3

Plates 192 EUR / m3 over 1 m3 - 183 EUR / m3, II.TR - 142-173 EUR / m3.




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